Innovations Health Clinics:  where healing is about the whole person


By Carla Grundison

Being entrepreneurs in health and wellness is natural for Dr. Neville Reddy, MD and Sureshini Reddy, MBA – the husband-and-wife team behind Calgary’s two Innovations Health Clinics.

Their philosophy is that healing the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – is essential to overall wellness, and that to achieve this requires a combination of cutting edge medicine and ancient healing practices.

With mind-body healing as the guiding principle, Innovations Health Clinics offer services in three main areas:  conventional medicine (family practice, podiatry, internal medicine, pain management), rehabilitation medicine (physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, osteopathic medicine, concussion rehab), and wellness (naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, psychology, EMDR, esthetics, yoga, meditation).

With Sureshini as CEO managing the overall operations of the clinics, Neville’s focus is on the medical side, zeroing-in on his chosen specialty:  pain management. When asked what drew him to this field, he shares: ‘Physical pain is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a high correlation between physical pain and emotional pain and trauma, between chronic pain and mental health disorders, which include insomnia, anxiety, depression and poor emotional reserve. Hence the unique approach we have taken by managing these issues in a multi-disciplinary way.’

Having conventional, rehab, and wellness practitioners on-site allows for ease in getting patients connected with the practitioner they require. From a family doctor to a chiropractor to a podiatrist to a psychologist (the list goes on) – they’re all just steps away.

Taking their roles in healthcare seriously, the Reddys are patient-focused, saying one of the most important elements of a successful health and wellness practice comes down to being mindful ‘that people are truly in pain, and that they need help.’  They bring this compassion for their patients to the clinics day-in, day-out, and they ensure that fellow practitioners and staff operate similarly:  ‘We have employed professionals who are like-minded and carefully vetted, who collaborate towards positive patient outcomes.’

During the pandemic they’ve seen more fear, anxiety, and uncertainty in their patients. They’ve strived to ensure the clinics offer a supportive and nurturing environment – a refuge amidst the chaos; and they’re quick to commend their colleagues and staff as being ‘committed and unwavering in their care of our patients. It’s a team effort!’

‘My role as a pain management specialist and as a person is simply to approach life as doing the best you can to help others in the best way possible, using your insight and training to help those in need the best way you can, using all the tools at your disposal,’ says Neville.

They both find the most satisfaction ‘comes from seeing a patient who was in pain and distress the week before, come in to say ‘I feel good Dr. Reddy. Thank you!!’’ They measure success by both pain and function:  ‘Our goal is to see improvement in both.’

How do they do it so successfully – working together as a couple? They say they just ‘get’ each other, celebrate each other, and leverage each other’s strengths; and in their downtime, Sureshini gladly leverages Neville’s love of cooking to allow her to spend more time working on their rose garden.

Carla Grundisin

With one clinic in each of the southwest and southeast quadrants of Calgary, find all the relevant information about Innovations Health Clinics at:


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