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For over 40+ years and through an extensive variety of mediums and styles, Terry Gergoraschuk is both a committed full time artist and teacher. He has over 140 local, national and international level exhibitions under his belt. In the Art Collections or commissioned by corporations including Canada Post, Environment Canada, The Royal Tyrrell Museum, Medicine Hat Museum, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The City of Calgary, and The Esso Art Collection, Terry has rightfully gained his reputation for supplying unique works of art to both the private and corporate sectors. He has worked with Architects, Art Consultants, Engineers and Art Committees. Numerous awards include the “Charles Comfort Medal For Excellence In Figurative Painting” by the Canadian Society of Painters In Watercolor.

Terry Gregoraschuk understands art. So it seems only natural that he established the The Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art. In 2018, this gallery was set up in a 1700 sq. ft. space at Eau Claire Market, its goal, to support and showcase the artwork of upcoming contemporary artists. Artwork that is unique and not found anywhere else in Calgary is represented here. Terry understands that Calgary can be a hard nut to crack when it comes to gaining representation in a gallery. 

This artist-run gallery is different. An art studio was implemented within the main gallery space to provide interaction with patrons, to truly show the creative process. This proved to be a great success as patrons revisited the gallery numerous times to view a painting’s progress, often resulting in a purchase. The Knox’s reputation grew steadily since its inception, starting two additional satellite galleries and representing 14 artists from across Canada along with one from Germany. Terry continues to be contacted by artists from around the world who would like to be represented by the Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art.

Unfortunately, like the fate of so many businesses, the Covid pandemic proved to be too much. The Knox was forced to close its main gallery along with its two satellite galleries. Despite these challenging times, the Knox continues to operate the gallery with its bold on-line presence and plans to add several new unique artists in the upcoming months. In the meantime, eyes are kept open for a great new location to embark on as the new physical gallery.

Terry’s personal art reminds us that throughout history, visual artists have the inspiration to document and capture the essence of social changes and events. He strives to do the same. Inspired by a family member’s announcement as being transgender, Terry was motivated to start a series of new paintings, drawings, photographic collages and sculptural pieces entitled “Trans4mation,” portraying the trials and tribulations of gender identity and transformation. You could say that we are all in a state of transition, in a world rapidly changing, and that has a way of remaining constant. Be sure to check Terry’s work and the work of all of the amazing Knox artists online at the https://knoxgalleryofart.com/

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